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Sew-In Hair Extensions, which is the safest hair extension for my opinion, because it dose not damage the hair,  cheat and can use same hair over and over again.   Sew in hair extension method is an old school style, where the hair extensions are sew and attached to your natural hair with braids. Women with natural hair widely use this method.

Hair Extensions

There are different Types Of Hair Extensions

  • 1 hour
  • fr.100
  • Viktoriastrasse 86, 3013 Bern Switzerland

Service Description

Human hair extensions have become so popular among women worldwide since its inception. Their sales have been going up drastically since touching millions of women's hearts. Hair extensions are considered as one of the essential products that enhance beauty. It has helped them in achieving the hair of their dreams in minutes. You can get the desired hair volume with hair extensions. However, before buying and putting on a black hair extension, you need to know how extensions exactly work to avoid any attachment fails. If you want to know how each thing works, then you are most welcome. There are different Types Of Hair Extensions 1. Sew-In Hair Extensions, . 2. Tape in Hair Exsensions. 3. Clips in Hair Extension 4. Micro rings Hair Extension I Advice new client to come for consultation first Note: prices are without Hair.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24hrs in advance

Contact Details

  • Flawless Beauty & Spa, Viktoriastrasse 86, Bern, Switzerland


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