Nutriclair Paris Lightening And Moisturizing Milk 500ml Nutriclair Lightening and moisturizing milk with plant extracts and glycerin. Especially prepared for persons who do appreciate a less greasy, more silky touch.COSMOBEL has studied a lighter lotion that maintains all the advantages of the glycerin. In association with the lightening VEGECLAIRINER, Nutriclair lotion will be ideal care for a light and soft treatment of the skin, decreasing and even suppressing its irregular coloration. Directions of use: To obtain the best results,it's recommended to wash the skin with the Nutriclair soap.Then,a soft massage with the Nutriclair milk on the face and/or on the chosen part of the body, to be treated, will be continued till a complete penetration.


Nutriclair Lightening and Moisturizing Milk with Plant Extracts and Glycerin 500

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