This is a well-known hair straightening product which is designed to leave your hair silky and straight for up to 3 months Formulated with Moisture Seal technology for better straightening, softness, shine are healthier looking hair. Use the relaxer strength recommended for your hair type%3b. Regular for normal hair and Super for coarse or resistant hair. This product can be used for all type of hair to make hair straight and silky. It comes with easy to follow instructions and can be done at home. Directions. Important: Follow the usage advisory. Indications. Provides 4 advanced conditioning steps working in synergy to leave your hair soft, silky and healthy looking: relaxer creme with built in pre care to help protect.


How to use it: Use as directed on packaging


Featured Ingredients: Enriched with coconut oil, shea butter & extra virgin olive oil

Aunt Jackie's Girls Curling & Twisting Curls 426g

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