Africa's Best Organics Texture My Way Organic Conditioning Texturizing System, No-Lye/No-Mix

You control your texture. One strength for all hair textures. Allows you to choose your desired texture & style. Beautiful textured styles in less than 20 minutes. Conditioning moisturizes, strengthens and protects hair from damage. Protects ends from unwanted straightening and over processing. Helps you achieve your desired texture each time your texturize. Conditioners to strengthen & moisturize: shea butter; tea-tree oil; vitamin E; silk protein; jojoba oil; egg protein; cholesterol.


How to use it: Use as directed on packaging


Featured Ingredients: Enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter.


Organics Texture My Way No-Lye Organisches Conditioning Texturizing System

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